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Yes, this is a reliable vendor. Fair prices, good quality. The anal canal too was nicely textured but, more importantly also contoured to be more “realistic” I would say rather than accurate but, very pleasurable none the less. At the very least I would say that going built in on a body would be the best option. I can say that when lubed and heated both orifices had a very nice feel that was remarkably similar to the real thing, or at least as close as I have ever found (feel wise of course).

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Yes, it is a legit vendor. I really adore this doll. I had to buy her when I spotted her on sale, and all I can say is wow. At this price, I assumed there may be something wrong with her, but she is absolutely flawless. I was quite concerned about the delivery because I had some really nosy neighbors right next to me. Went without a hitch because the doll was properly wrapped and neither the business nor the goods were written on the box or label.

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Yes, excellent product. Quite large, biggest one I have and it feels excellent. The internal texture is one of the best I have tried. It is very tight and really hugs as you go in and out. It has virtually no odor and looks and feels like a real girl, or as close as it can be. Very heavy weight, feel good, very flexible, and soft. Which do very realistic, friction burns, just really like it.

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Yes, excellent transaction! In fact, I have compared many shopping malls, the price of this one is the most reasonable. When I received the goods, I knew that my choice was correct. The item as described, looks like pictures in listing, a well-built doll! After using this product for about a month, I can say that it is very enjoyable to use! The communications with seller were great, answered all my questions quickly. very pleased!