(Legit Or Another Scam?)

Yes, they are legit, not scam. My sex doll was delivered last Friday. Though I live in a very rural area in Canada, the delivery was quite fast. I bought this doll to play with my hubby. She looks and feels better in person, and the shipment was incredibly quick. Just what we needed to spice up the bedroom! The skin is smooth and it’s a real pleasure to make love to her every time I come back from work. Thanks.

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Is recommended?

Yes, lovely, satisfied with the product, I recommend. I didn’t even know realistic dolls existed until 4 months ago. I read a story in the newspaper about them and was intrigued. I began doing some online research and settled on this site. When I saw the biggest boobs ever Lori doll I was sold. After I placed the order, I had second thoughts; but after she arrived, I was amazed at the quality, lifelike features and appearance.

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Yes, worth it. Just got it today, faster shipping than expected. Wow is this thing great. This doll is super intense, and far better than a standard masturbation sleeve. If you have money to spend, don’t hesitate on this one! Beautiful doll very life like. Entries are nice and tight, Pussy is tight, and looks good, and seller responded quickly to order customizations and questions, this seller sells the real deal, and I plan to buy from this seller again.

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RealSexLoveDoll: Site Review

Yes, extremely pleased with the site and my doll; she is the perfect weight and size for moving around. She doesn’t line up properly when you hit her from behind, and the insert has to be more ribbed. The standing feet are the best option because the extra heads fit in a snap and are simple to replace. Always buy better-fitting shoes if you don’t want to damage their feet. I appreciate you creating another piece of erotic art! Highly recommend buying one. review – Can you trust this vendor?

Yes, reliable team! They answered all my questions. Although I wasn’t sure whether to buy a doll at first, the staff at this website helped me feel very confident in my decision. They provided me with some excellent tips for picking a doll, and I’m very happy that I paid attention to them and fought the doll I like. Thankfully, the delivery man helped me to bring the parcel to the second floor. It was too heavy for me alone. Extremely pleased with everything!

Is this sex doll vendor legit?

Yes, 100% legit. I had very little hope when I learned that this doll was produced in China. To my great surprise, the doll was, in fact, of very high quality. My expectations were surpassed by the realistic appearance and feel. This is my first doll, and I play on getting more in the future. She weighs a lot for a doll! I would have paid more money and purchased a lighter doll if I had known this. Having said that, I am really satisfied with the quality, the doll’s packaging, and the discrete shipping and pickup options. I’ll place […]