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Yes, the customer service is fantastic. It’s my first time making a purchase like this. The doll is lovely; it looks like a piece of art. The torso is perfect, the face is stunning, and the calves, thighs, and hands are all beautifully detailed. And the skin is fantastic in both appearance and feel. How do they create something that looks so real? I had very high expectations, and they were met. I will only come here for sex dolls in the future.

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Yes, this doll here, OMG I love it. I got a big discount because of the Christmas sell. And to top it off, it’s taller and looks more realistic. Plus, it’s a lot is heavy like they stated, but over time you get use to the weight. The only problem that I had with from the beginning is the vagina hole. But over time, I got use to the holes and now I can use it with ease. I will buy from this seller again, if and when I need another one!

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Yes, thank you guys so much for such great service and a great product. I received my doll a couple weeks ago and she is immaculate and her skin is great to feel. Worth every penny. My doll has a gentle appeal overall. I like how her eyes look to me whenever I come home. Admittedly, I have a foot fetish, I really enjoy playing with her when I make lover. Overall, it is a great value and I definitely recommend her. I love her!

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Yes, they are safe to work with. This magnificent piece of art is worth it. I won’t buy another sex doll for a while, but you can be sure I’ll buy from you again. THIS IS THE PLACE TO BE IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING BUYING A SEX DOLL! Avoid being misled into purchasing inferior goods. The only issue was that my shipment was slightly delayed, but it’s not the seller’s fault and the customer service representative kept following up on it. I’m happy with the doll and the customer service overall.

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Yes, the customer service is very kind and professional. I had a lot of questions before my purchase and the support team answered all of them very quickly. I love my doll, feel free to contact my if you need me for a testimonial. She’s so Hot. Not much else needs to be said. The doll is simply so realistic, really. When you first enter the room, you’ll likely mistake her for a genuine lady due to the lifelike eyes, mouth, and breasts. Worth the time and money spent!

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Yes, perfect, everything arrived as agreed, very good quality, great price. great seller. Amazing customer service, contact from beginning till delivery. This sex doll is very soft and realistic. She comes with a warmer that plugs into the wall. She has been awesome for doing “threesomes” with my partner. Overall, I give it five stars. I just wish there was an easier way to clean it since it is rather large and heavy for a bathroom sink.